Platinium Mastermind ProgramOnce a member, you will be able to make $5,000 commissions without ever having to pick up the phone.

And you will be invited to the annual all expenses paid 5-day Platinum Mastermind event, where you will learn from the top real experts in marketing, wealth creation, and personal development.

In essence, it is very much like Titanium Mastermind I mentioned earlier in which you get to connect, network, dine and shop with both the experts and fellow attendees be it as a group or even 1-to-1.

Platinium Mastermind ProgramThe event will be held in series of erotic places around the world be it US, Europe, Middle East or Asia.

The only difference is this event is for 5 days instead of 3 and how much you will be making upon joining this program.

1 sale – that is if you can get just one person to join this program the same way I ask you to join now – is all it takes to make your first $5,000.

And the best part is you will not be marketing this alone as Matt and his professional telemarketers will help you to follow up with the prospect, enlighten the prospect on the potential benefits of being in this program and closing the sale for you.

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Please note that the $50 is just an application fee to secure a 1-to-1 phone discussion with one of Matt's telemarketing professionals.

If for any reason you feel this program is not for you, this $50 will be refunded back to you.

Otherwise, it will be included as part of your Platinium Mastermind investment.

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