Home Business SummitHowever unlike IM Freedom Workshop which only focuses on showing people the basics and benefits of starting an online business, HBS is pretty much hands-on as you will be seated with other members, learning and applying what Matt or his experienced trainers teaches.

Such as

1. Product and market research,

2. Finding relevant affiliate networks like Clickbank and MOBE to find those products,

3. Build a single webpage / lead capture page relevant to the product they promote,

4. How to send traffic quickly and easily to that lead capture page,

5. How to make money almost immediately and generate leads at the same time and

6. How to turn those leads – whether or not they take up your initial offer – into raving customers and even recommend what you sell to the people they know who need to make money online just as them.

Home Business SummitThere are some people who make money on the spot after attending the workshop. They did not make money by chance or miracle. They made money by learning and applying what they are taught by Matt and his trainers.

The question you might ask after reading this:-

If those people make money on the spot, can I do the same?

To be honest, I don't know.

It all boils down to your speed and level of understanding and most importantly, how quickly you take action. Some can learn and apply fast while others might take some time.

Home Business SummitBut whether or not you make money on the spot, this is one event I highly recommend.

Because you will be networking with a group of people who think like you, who experienced the ups and downs of internet marketing and most importantly who succeeded in what you want to accomplish.

In a nutshell, HBS is not an e-book, video course or even webinar you learn by yourself online.

It is a live event where you get to meet real people and learn from them the nuts and bolts of internet marketing.

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