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George Brown And His Google Sniper StaffThat might sound hypey to most people but that is true.

Especially for those who went through his system and implemented what he teaches consistently before achieving life-changing results.

Life-changing as in making more than what they earned from working for others and finally quitting their jobs to build more affiliate sites full time.

Some of them includes other successful internet marketers like Alex Shelton, Gregory and Greg Jacobs who created WordPress Mage – a desktop application on building wordpress sites – based on what George teaches the following 2009.

I first got to know George Brown from my compatriot Ewen Chia's recommendation. I did not buy the first version but bought the second version in 2011 after investing in his other equally successful Traffic Ultimatrum course.

Google Sniper Members AreaBasically what the course teaches is a simple yet powerfully effective 4-step strategy. As in:

1. Doing market and keyword research using both affiliate networks like Amazon, Clickbank and Google Keyword tool itself. The objective is to find profitable products and keywords related to it.

2. Create high quality content as in the form of articles and reviews based on the products you want to promote.

3. Setting up WordPress site and posting your content there.

4. Getting backlinks to your site like blog commenting, forums posting and social media just to name a few strategies.

Google Sniper Members AreaThrough these 4 core fundamentals still remained in the third version released in late 2014, it also came with additional modules on what to do if your site gets penalized by Google in your search engine ranking due to its ever green changing algorithums and quick start guide on how to make your first dollar quickly before even starting your Google Sniper course.

There is also an inner circle membership whereby you can get close with George and his elite students like Anthony who are now earning 5 figures and beyond building Sniper sites the way George teaches. That is provided you do well in the quick start guide instead of having to pay for this like so many other courses.


Google Sniper Members AreaBesides the usual tutorial videos, there are also coaching webinars which are held once every 2 weeks.

You get to interact with Anthony, get him to review your affiliate sites to make sure you are doing the right things, ask him any questions you might have about internet marketing or Google Sniper and learn from him new cutting edge techniques which are not covered in the main course.

So having read all these, you might be asking:

Will this course work for me as it had for others?

To be honest, I have no idea.

As much as I like to say yes, the truth is what works for some people including myself might not work for everyone reading this.

All I can say is that-

If you are able to put in the time and effort not just in making money but delivering value as in what people needs and wants to know through your content consistently, there is a very high chance of you becoming successful.

But if you are the type of person who just works for a while to make money and looks for another course when not achieving results, then my advice is don't even bother let alone signing up for this course.

Or any other internet marketing course as the outcome will be the same. You will keep buying but not doing enough to achieve results.

Though the strategies are simple and effective, you need to apply them to make them work for you besides going through the videos and webinars.

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