The first version came about in 2012 and touched on affiliate marketing initially.

It consisted of step-by-step video tutorials and software tools.

In video tutorials, Chris explained what Amazon is all, why it is considered as one of top affiliate networks in physical products and how anyone can get started marketing with little or no experience in selling and most importantly his case study of how he make 6 figures throughout his years of doing Amazon marketing.

The case study itself is a goldmine as you get inside look of what Chris does everyday to make money on Amazon.

Besides video course, it also consisted of 3 powerful software tools as in Azon Keyword Generator, Top 100 Analyzer and Product Inspector.

The tools are created and put into demonstration through another set of videos by Dave – who is also a software developer.

1. Azon Keyword Generator

Azon Keyword Generator

Azon Keyword Generator helps to scout keywords with most searches and yet almost zero marketing competition of physical products from Amazon.

The reason is because those products have yet to be released but are in huge demand right now.

Such as iPhone 7s just to give an example.




2. Azon Top 100 Analyzer

Azon Top 100 Analyzer

This software is what I considered as a golden money maker.

It will not make you millions at a push of button but it will spell out millions of best selling products from Amazon at a push of button.

It is the very same tool that makes Chris a lot of money.

If you are going to find millions of best selling products, it will take you months or even years.

But with Azon Top 100 Analyzer, it will take you seconds.


3. Azon Product Inspector

Product InspectorThis tool helps you to find products which can generate you the most commissions based on the prices and identify those with high ratings and positive reviews.

With this tool, you can scout out products that can make you more money faster and build your affiliate site based on those.

And more!

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